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I have been coaching for 20 years and still love working one-on-one. I keep a few coaching slots for two kinds of individual clients:

  • Those who are looking to rethink their career in midlife or later
  • People who are interested in (non-financial) retirement planning
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I’m planning to run some workshops in 2022 when the fates allow mingling of that kind. Both are interactive and full of useful tips, tricks and strategies for you to craft your own path:

  • Journey Without Maps workshop on navigating your working life through midlife and beyond
  • Keys to the New Retirement workshop

Please express your interest through the form below.

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Consulting and Training

Would you be interested in a consultation with your organisation on fostering multigenerational teams or maximising the benefits of an older workforce? I can do classic consulting or training or run discussion groups, whatever works for you.

Just fill in the form and we can arrange a chat.

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I speak to groups, events and conferences on a range of topics such as:

  • Navigating your career in midlife and beyond
  • Planning for what used to be called retirement
  • Keys to the new retirement
  • Multigenerational teams

I can also tailor a presentation to your precise needs.

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Something else?

I’m happy to chat about your ideas for ways we could work together, even if they don’t fit into the little boxes above.

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