–Ray Martin AM

“Joanna Maxwell is terrific and her book is highly readable, illuminating and wise.”

–Susan Ryan AO, Age Discrimination Commissioner 2011–2016

“Practical, intelligent, encouraging, Joanna Maxwell discusses how everyone can achieve success with a positive approach to this much neglected second half of life.”


“Your book helped me organise my thoughts from random, panicky thoughts triggered by redundancy talks at work or newspaper articles about economic stress in old age into ordered thoughts which examined my skill set, my work history, my talents and interests and how to position myself in a place I want to be. Today I will buy your book for a friend who is 55 and has no idea how to reorganise her work and life. I hope your book will do the same for her.”

–Robin, 61

“Everything about this book was perfect. Your attitude to the new career, the fact that you are Australian and your age were all important purchasing points for me – and your attitude to life kept me reading. You have encouraged me to be committed, get over my procrastination and definitely deal with my inner critic. You have also given me thoughts with regard to what constitutes a career and led me to consider all the things I like doing (knitting, sewing, crafty things) and why couldn’t I be a textile artist…starting with some baby steps. Thank you again, I will be sharing your book.”

How to reinvent your career – and work for as long as you want

Have you accumulated plenty of wisdom and experience, but others think you’re all washed up? Perhaps you’re bored with your current work but not sure what’s next. Don’t panic! Work reinvention expert Joanna Maxwell shows you how to refresh a current career, pursue a new direction or leverage your experience to start your own business. The practical exercises and inspirational real-life stories in Rethink Your Career will help you:

  • clarify your strengths, talents and skills
  • find creative new ways to think about your work future
  • take stock of your finances and deal with your fears
  • make your best decision and put your new plans into action.
Joanna Maxwell


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