I like to have some questions to reflect on over the end-of-year break. Over the years, I have collected my list from here and there. A couple of years ago I started sharing my list with my blog readers towards the end of the year.

You can tackle all of the questions, or just pick a couple that speak to you. Write about them, think, discuss with someone – or just keep them bubbling away on the back burner while you enjoy your break. I’ve had some great feedback stories about people’s adventures with these questions, and I am looking forward to my annual reflection using the questions, too. I hope they are useful and intriguing and enjoyable, maybe even productive of some ‘aha’ moments.


About this year

  1. What did I achieve this year?
  2. What did I learn? How am I stronger/better/happier?
  3. What activities put me into flow? When did I get so caught up doing something that I lost track of time? How can I have more of those activities?
  4. How well did I fulfil my life / professional vision and goals this year?
  5. What were my biggest disappointments?
  6. What will I do differently next year?
  7. What will I leave behind?
  8. What will I carry with me into next year?
  9. What risks did I not take this year? Where did I play small?
  10. Where did I let limiting beliefs or damaging self talk hold me back?
  11. What did I do that was useful in the world, or in my community or family?
  12. What will I remember about this year?

About next year

  1. What do I want more of next year?  What do I want less of?
  2. If there were no obstacles (time, money, skills, confidence, lack of support) what would I change?
  3. What are my biggest challenges for next year?
  4. What conversation with myself am I avoiding?
  5. Am I holding onto something I need to let go of?
  6. What’s something that I know I do differently than most people? How can I let that shine?
  7. How would I write down my dream? How would I paint it? Sing it? Dance it?
  8. What would need to change for me to live a truly satisfying life?
  9. If life was an experiment, how would I change it?
  10. If I knew the answer, what would it be?
  11. How can I live through my top three values? How can I use them every day?
  12. What do I really want? And what do I really really want? And what is under that – what do I really really really want?

Merry whatever, I hope the next weeks bring you good times and good thoughts..

Joanna Maxwell


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