I am running some sessions for the local council on the keys to the new retirement. We have had some great discussions about all the things you need to think about  when planning for what used to be retirement. Of course, we all know you need to organise your finances, but there are plenty of other areas  that are also important. In fact, the keys to making this a happy and satisfying stage of life are largely in your control, if you take the time to reflect before you start making big decisions.

Key areas to think about are work replacement, leisure, health, finances, self (identity, growth), relationships (family, friends) and community or spirit.

Here are 12 key questions to start you off:

  1. How much do you see your work as defining who you are
  2. How will you manage your time in retirement? Will you have a schedule, goals, and personal objectives?
  3. How will you replace the status you had in your work after your retirement?
  4. How will you satisfy your socialisation needs after your retirement?
  5. How will you develop or maintain a sense of personal utility (usefulness) in your retirement?
  6. What are the necessary and essential components of a successful retirement for you?
  7. Who is in charge of your tomorrow?
  8. How ‘well’ are you? In body, mind and spirit?
  9. How satisfied are you with your retirement savings and investment plan? What is enough?
  10. How important is leisure for you now? In retirement?
  11. Do you anticipate any changes in your relationships during retirement?
  12. How would you like to find connectedness in your retirement?
Joanna Maxwell


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