Kate, 60+

For many years I worked with clients who wanted (or needed) to rethink their careers. It was one of the most satisfying parts of my business – and one of the things I most missed when I joined the Australian Human Rights Commission. So, now I am back running my own show I have decided […]

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Emilia, 40

“I completely re-invented myself using certain parts of the old, like creating a new car with old parts!” I met Joanna around the time I was leaving my corporate world and wanted to venture into my own business. I just liked her: she had come from the corporate world and she was doing creative coaching. […]

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John, 48

“Wouldn’t it be fantastic to get up every morning and do something you really enjoy?” I think anybody who has been doing the same thing and they’re in their 40s and upwards must be thinking what I was thinking: I’m in a rut and I’m not enjoying my job but I’m in a comfort zone. […]

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Grace, 51

“I now have my own business in online and direct sales of jewellery.” There was no meaning to what I do at the bank. Virtually anybody could do it. I work in projects. I don’t believe I’m particularly brilliant and I fell into it by accident. It’s well-paid but I do my work and they […]

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