My business is going through change at the moment, all of it good, but some of it also disruptive in the short term. I’m restructuring what I do, who I work for and how my business operates.

This has challenged me to do new things. All good. And it has also meant I have had to get very efficient and improve my productivity. A bit more challenging, but still all good.

But transition brings uncertainty, and uncertainty brings uncomfortable feelings – and the need to make changes and do experiments without being sure of the results.

Can you relate to this? Are you are moving from an old world towards a new one? Are parts of your life changing? maybe you are changing how you work, or looking at planning what used to be called retirement?

Whatever your situation, it is useful to embrace and accept the processes of transition as much as possible, but this is sometimes easier said than done. I recently rediscovered an old list of my tips for minimising the impact of transition on you, and on those around you –  and it’s been useful to me again, this time around.

Take your time

Change takes time, and often ‘slow cooking’ is the way to go. Each transition has its own pace, and if you can find and respect that pace, it will be a smoother trip. Be patient with yourself if it seems progress has stalled. So long as it’s cooking at its own pace, all is well.

Hold your vision

Write down your goals or dream, or collect pictures that bring the dream alive for you, or create a sense of something worth moving towards – keep the words or pictures where you can see them; add elements as they occur to you. Know that this is a stage that is leading you where you need to go, and one which will pass in time.

Arrange temporary structures

Do you need a bridging job? Do you need to arrange extra support from friends or at home? Are there people you need to clarify your situation with? Do you need more space to be alone at the moment? What will best support you at this time?

Think before you act

When we feel uncertain or uncomfortable, there can be great relief in doing something, anything, to ease the pressure. Be wary about this urge to move – if you can stay in uncertainty a little longer, some deeper needs and ideas may bubble to the surface.

Accept that you are uncomfortable
In times of transition, feelings of distress or being lost or scared are just signs that something in your world is changing. Whether it is anxiety, resistance, fear or anything else, breathe into it, accept it and get to know it.

Talk it through
with a trusted friend or a counsellor if the going gets rough. Call on your support team (sometimes all you need is time out with a friend, even if you don’t talk about your own life).

Take extra care of yourself
What works for you – is it long walks, time with friends, a fun book, nourishing food (even chocolate…)? Look after yourself 110%. Treat yourself as you would treat your best friend during a difficult time.

Realise you are in a cycle and the process will bring you out the other side.

Enjoy the ride!

Joanna Maxwell


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