Busting stereotypes about older Australians

I really dislike the stereotype you see in the media about ‘successful’ ageing: you know, all those wrinkle-free, glossy looking botoxed people bouncing around like 30 year olds, swallowing bottles of vitamins and perpetually planning to conquer Everest or start a relationship with someone half their age. What that is really saying is that we […]

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Networking: your top job-hunting strategy?

I am often asked for tips on finding a job when you reach your 50s or even before. I am quite honest about ageism and the fact that you need to become creative (even cunning) to market yourself. I have written already about resumes, interviews and other job-hunting tips. Now it’s time to talk about networking. People […]

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Talk Doesn’t Cook Rice

For about five years I taught a microbusiness course for migrant and refugee women. It was  one of the most satisfying things I have done. Loved it. One day, we were discussing the things that get in the way of making time to think creatively about your business. A popular topic was procrastination, another was perfectionism (no […]

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