Are you a design thinker?

Design thinking is a big trend in corporate circles these days. As a trainer in creative thinking, I draw on a number of design thinking principles in my workshops. And if you’re planning a career change, or a shift towards retirement, or any big change, it’s interesting to think of your research and experiments this […]

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10,000 hours is time well spent

I’m always interested when clients tell me they want to change careers, or start their own business, or introduce a sweeping change in their workplace – especially when they expect to make this shift without a learning curve. I recently had a client who was planning a total career overhaul, which seemed to me to […]

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Is the inner critic running your life?

Do you have a little voice that pops up in your mind with criticisms or dire warnings such as ’If you try that, you will fail’, ‘Everyone will laugh’, ‘You’re not clever’ or even ‘Don’t be ridiculous’? You could call this voice the inner critic, or the voice of doubt. We are all particularly open […]

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