Your Third Space May Change Your Life

I’m a bit of a fan of the Happiness Conference (described by a colleague of mine as ‘that happy clappy thing’, but pretty excellent nonetheless…). Lots of great speakers, fascinating data, and enough mind food to last me quite some time. One of my favourite speakers a few years ago was Dr Adam Fraser, who spoke about what he calls the third […]

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Working Longer Is Good For Your Health

It’s obvious that working on into your older years provides a financial benefit. By having an income for longer, you can improve your standard of living before and after retirement. For older women, the benefits are even greater, as they typically have less of a financial buffer. But there are other powerful reasons to keep […]

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Using Collage for Creative Change

I had a client a while ago who was struggling to get clear on a new direction for her life. We had done a number of exercises, discussed options and played with possibilities, but she was still stuck. I suggested to her that she try to do a collage, finding and arranging images and words […]

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