Jan’s Story

‘Don’t leave it too late.’ Having started as a secretary, Jan worked her way up the corporate ladder to become a director at Merrill Lynch in the UK. By 2001 she was living Sydney, ‘having a ball’ working 14-hour days and travelling around Asia and beyond. But the long hours took their toll. Once Jan […]

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Have You Been Seduced By The IKEA Effect?

I watched a very excellent TED talk by Dan Ariely a while ago. It was full of great stats and stories about how we value our work, resulting from his very serious research using origami cranes and frogs (truly…). Really interesting stuff, worth a look. He is also very entertaining, which is always a bonus when it comes […]

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7 Tips For Handling Transitions

Woman with old suitcase

My business is going through change at the moment, all of it good, but some of it also disruptive in the short term. I’m restructuring what I do, who I work for and how my business operates. This has challenged me to do new things. All good. And it has also meant I have had […]

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