Are you a Fiat or a Ferrari?

It’s confession time: Until very recently, I was not a fan of the whole ‘personal brand’ thing. (You know, where you think of yourself as if you were a brand, like Telstra or Qantas, and you see your career as a marketing exercise.) It seemed a bit phony to me, and well, just a bit […]

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Is workplace age discrimination an issue?

About 90% of Australians agree that age discrimination is likely to occur in the workplace (a much higher percentage than agree it occurs in social situations). And over a quarter of older Australians have experienced some form of age discrimination, according to a national survey released in April 2015. Launching the results of that survey, […]

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Are you a late bloomer?

You often see articles in the press about finding success later in life. Apart from the common (and rather strange) assumption that age 30 or even 40 constitutes ‘later in life,’ they usually have some inspirational examples and useful tips.. One such article that I read a while ago referred to a chapter in a […]

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Success and satisfaction

As we mature, it becomes increasingly important to create an ‘internal’ definition of success, one that doesn’t rely solely on the stars aligning for you in the external world. It’s helpful to ask yourself questions like: What does success mean to you? What are the elements of a happy (or satisfying, or meaningful, or complete) […]

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